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Why We Procrastinate, and How to Stop It. Now!

Procrastination impacts us all. Every single one of us.

It wastes our most important resources, our time and energy.  And it can destroy our businesses, our health, our relationships, and our joyful experience of life.

What causes procrastination?

  • ‘Thinking !’
  • Thinking causes procrastination, and ALL procrastination is caused by ‘thinking.’
  • Note: This does not mean that all thinking causes procrastination.
    • Only that all procrastination is CA– USED by ‘thinking.’

What you can do about it?

  • Do your thinking in advance.
  • Make detailed outcome focused lists. Then

Systematically implement the lists WITHOUT stopping to think ‘what’s next.’

Why We Procrastinate, and How to Stop It. Now – Handout.pdf

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