Sales Mastery Series

4 Tips From A $30,000 Sale

  1. Identify the real problem you are solving.
    1. That solution is what you are selling.
  2. Service the prospect and clients immediately and to the highest possible standards.
    1. Speed is a major competitive advantage. It always has been.
  3. Be ready to close ALWAYS.
    1. Know how much it will cost to have the client’s problem solved.
      1. Even if just an estimate.
    2. Once they have decided they want you to solve their problem, people don’t like to wait.
      1. Don’t make them wait because you need to get paperwork, an estimate, etc.
    3. Use a “Buyers Order” or any kind of written document to get a commitment.
      1. This moves the prospect closer to having a solution, even if it’s not the final solution.
  4. It’s NEVER price.
    1. It’s ALWAYS whether they FEEL you have the best solution to their problem.
    2. Example: Transforming a $9,000 ‘That’s expensive, no sale’ into a $30,000 ‘closed sale’ in seconds by adding value.

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