Sales Mastery Series

Getting people to take action to solve their problems

Since a business solves problems at a profit. And marketing is communicating that you have that solution to the world. Then sales is getting people to take action and receive the benefit of that solution to their problem.

Sales Success – The Psychology

  • Sales = Getting people to take action to solve their problem.
  • The Pain/Pleasure cycle.
    • External
      • The ‘thing’ being sold or solved.
    • Internal
      • The emotions or consequences of the problem/solution.
      • Find the internal problem/pain – that’s what you’re solving.
  • An undisturbed prospect will NOT buy.
    • You HAVE to disturb them using pain AND pleasure.
  • A Powerful Sales Mindset.
    • If you don’t close, you are depriving them of a valuable solution to their problem.
  • Trade value for value.
    • Not ‘things or services’ for money.
  • Must use scripts.
    • Test and adapt.
  • Get really good at this.
    • People’s lives are on the line.

Getting people to take action to solve their problem – Handout

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