Sales Mastery Series

Sales Prospecting for Business Professionals

It doesn’t matter how good your sales skills are if you don’t have people to sell to.

Prospecting is going and GETTING new customers.

  • It is NOT waiting for them to ‘show up.’

3 Key Principles:

  1. You must have a system.
  2. You must ‘block time’ to do it.
  3. You must be talking to the right people.

The Prospecting System:

  1. Block time for it. (Daily or weekly)
    1. Make it a habit.
  2. Have a good CRM and know how to use it.
    1. Most professionals treat their CRM as a ‘garbage can’ rather than a ‘gold mine’.
  3. Eliminate all distractions.
    1. Put the phone in the drawer, a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door, do not check email.
    2. Use single minded focus and get ON it.
  4. 3 parts to the ‘Prospecting Block’:
    1. The set up – who are the highest probability prospects?
    2. The prospecting – The Golden Hour – Single-minded focus.
    3. The follow up – emails, notes, etc.
  5. Update the CRM – prepare the gold mine for the next excavation.


Prospecting is the most powerful and predictable of all sales functions.  It is you and your company going and GETTING customers.

  • Make sure they are the right ones.
  • Block time for it daily or weekly.
  • Use an effective system including CRM and follow up.

Sales Prospecting for Business Professionals-Handout.pdf

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