Psychology of Success Series

How to Stay Motivated

  • Goals – You’ve GOT to have them.
    • Otherwise you are sunk from the very start.
    • Review them daily.
  • Keep moving, and moving FAST.
    • The faster you move, the more motivated you will be.
    • Don’t give yourself time to get unmotivated.
    • If you’re not motivated, it’s because you’re NOT doing enough.
  • Get rid of white space on your calendar.
    • Fill your calendar UP.
    • Nothing is more demotivating than an empty calendar.
    • If you’re an entrepreneur, manager, sales person, etc., you have NO BUSINESS having holes in your calendar.
  • Stay away from the negatives.
    • TV, media, people, etc.
    • Their goal is to drag you down. So you stay on the couch, watching them so they can advertise to you. This makes THEIR goals come true, not yours.
  • Get connected and stay connected.
    • To your coach, your mentor, your team, other successful people, etc.
      • People who will hold you accountable to your own greatness.
    • Use DAILY training, learning, eBooks, audiobooks, podcasts, etc.
    • Get around people who are doing better than you are. They will demand you lift yourself up.
  • Complete … complete complete complete.
    • Failure to complete projects, tasks, sales, etc. is the #1 demotivating factor.
    • You MUST complete.
      • This give you drive, passion, and makes you want to complete MORE things.
    • It’s where the ‘juice’ and reward is in any activity. And in fact, in life itself.
    • The more you complete, the more you want to complete.
  • Get into action NOW.
    • The more you do, the more you WANT to do.
    • Action is the solution for motivation.

How To Stay Motivated – Handout

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