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How To Develop More Courage in Business and Life

 “Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others.”

 Courage is one of the most important traits in business.  It is essential for entrepreneurs and good leaders.

The business world is constantly changing.  It can be scary at times.  These changes paralyze some into uncertainty, indecision, and inaction.  Fear can destroy careers, companies, and lives.  However, those with well-developed habits of courage, move boldly into the opportunities.

While others play the ‘what if …’ fear game, the courageous ‘make things happen.’  They ‘act’ while others ‘cower.’  And this makes all the difference in business and life.

What is fear?

  • Fear isn’t a ‘real thing.’ It is a biochemical response to our imagination and thoughts.
    • It’s just a feeling. Everyone has it.  It is purely a function of the mind.

Being courageous isn’t a lack of fear.  It a choice to act despite of it.

  • People who are courageous feel fear. They just respond differently.
    • They move towards their fears, rather than away from them.

 Three ways to become more courageous in your business and life:

  • Desensitize yourself to the fear.
    • Move towards it, rather than running from it.
      • Do this slowly, a bit at a time. Then a bit more, and a bit more.
      • Eventually, the fear will dissipate.
    • The only way out of fear is through it.
  • Use ‘incantations’ to create belief and confidence in yourself.
    • ‘Whatever shows up, I’ll handle it.’
  • Change your frame of reference about failure (what most of us actually fear).
    • ‘The first 100 times you do anything, you’re going to suck at it.’
    • This eliminate the ‘perfectionist frame’ and fear of not doing things well the first time. (Which is completely unreasonable and irrational.)

 Courage is like a muscle, it gets stronger with exercise.  Use it, exercise it, and develop it.

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