Sales Mastery Series

How To Close More Sales – The Psychology

  • Sales is NOT the most valuable skill; CLOSING is.
  • ‘The Close’ = The moment of agreement where an exchange of value occurs.
    • Without the ‘close’ the prospect can’t get the benefit of the goods or services you offer.
  • The ability to consistently close using a system makes success dependable and predictable.
    • Learn and practice the proven strategies that cause the prospect to take action to solve their problem and get your benefit.
    • This makes your income predictable.
  • Learn, drill, and rehearse. Role play – repeatedly.
    • This is a key life skill. You must practice it.
    • You MUST have a large arsenal of available closes to be able to smoothly move from one situation or objection, to the next the elegance.
  • Become a MASTER of negotiating and closing the deal.
    • This is where ALL of the value of the ‘sale’ occurs.
  • Closing is helping people to get the value of your product.

How To Close More Sales – The Psychology – Handout

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