Sales Mastery Series

3 MORE Sales Closes You MUST Know to Build Your Business

 Real value occurs ONLY when there is an actual physical exchange between two parties – ‘the close’.

  • They give you something, you give them something.
  • This is where ALL the value occurs.

Objections fall into 4 categories. You have to know which one you really need to solve.

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Product
  4. Stall

You must build urgency into your close, and it must be of benefit to the buyer.

  • No Urgency = No Close

Insistence will be required in 90% of your closes.

  • If you don’t insist on ‘now’, you will lose most of your sales.
  • You must help people make the decision to buy and get the value of what you offer.

Closing Principles:

  1. Always agree with the prospect.
  2. Treat objections as complaints.
    1. “It’s expensive” is NOT an objection. It’s just a complaint.
  3. Care so much that you refuse not to close.

3 MORE Closes:

  • Scale from 1 to 10 close
    • ‘On a scale from 1 to 10 how would you rate your new ….? What would make it a 10?’
      • This can be used with your own product/service or a competitors.
    • Spouse stall close.
      • Buyer says ‘I need to talk to my spouse.’ Ask ‘What if he/she says no?’
        • Only 2 possible answers ‘He/she won’t.’ Or ‘We won’t buy.”
          • If ‘We won’t buy.’ Then follow up with ‘What would he/she say no too?’
            • This allows you to deal with the real objection using the non-present spouse to do it.
    • Congratulations close
      • ‘Hey I know it’s a big investment. And you should congratulation yourself on being able to make an investment of this magnitude.  Not everyone can even consider this kind of investment.’

3 MORE Sales Closes You MUST Know to Build Your Business – Handout.pdf

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